A Covid-19 has reached human trials - experts


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Experts say a vaccine for Covid-19 has reached human trials


A UK scientist stated that a vaccine for Covid-19 is still months away from becoming mainstream. 

Two virus vaccines have start clinical human trials, however many have yet to reach that phase and are still in research stages.

 Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland , Professor James McInerney who is the Head of the School of Life Sciences at the University of Nottingham stated that the genetic sequence only became available to researchers in January. 

Since, scientists globally have been scrambling to create a vaccine and stop the death toll this virus is having on the population. However, Professor McInerney expects that a vaccine will become available when this surge of infection is over. 

Professor McInerney outlined the silent nature of the virus, as the scale of asymptomatic people is unknown. In order to attempt to record asymptomatic people, random testing would have to be conducted. 

Professor McIenery stated that there is a lot countries can do to contain Covid-19, and being in denial about the effects and spread of the virus is not one of them.