Naas has become a crime free zone thanks to coronavirus

Gardai say crime incidents have virtually disappeared

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Naas is a crime free area thanks to Covid-19

Poplar Square, Naas, at 11.15pm on March 15. Image: James Durney

Naas is a crime free zone.

No noteworthy incidents of law breaking have been recorded in the town for the past two weeks.

The coronavirus has silenced much economic and virtually all social activity, at least for now.

And it has also silenced the criminals.

The town is generally no less prone to burglaries, break-ins and theft than any other.

But all of that has dried up.

“There have been no burglaries and no assaults and few drive-offs (when people fill their vehicles with petrol or diesel and don't pay). Covid-19 is the only gig in town,” a garda spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added: “Crime incidents have completely flatlined in Naas; people are very cooperative with the social distancing requirements and there aren’t many people out anyway. There are a few who specialise in targeting cars which are left unlocked in Naas. This is totally opportunistic but even this has almost disappeared.”

You might expect that with more alcohol being consumed at home that there’d be a rise in  public order incidents in houses and apartments, callouts which the gardaí refer to as “domestics.”

But you'd be wrong. “Domestics are happening alright, but not more than you ordinarily expect.”