Celbridge enterprise is producing coronavirus protection kit for free

No charge

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara



Celbridge enterprise is producing PPE for free

A consignment of shields arrives at a clinic

A Celbridge-based online company has diverted activity to the distribution of specialist medical equipment used in the fight against Covid-19.

SweetStamp (www.sweetstampline.online) facilitates the creation of lettering on cakes, cookies, cupcakes using a process as simple as a simple as embossing and painting.

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The company is relatively new and has its production, dispatch and office in Celbridge, selling patented cake decorating tools that are produced in Kildare before being sold in Ireland and internationally.

“We have repurposed our company this week to allow us to create face shields for free for the frontline health workers across Ireland and even the UK. Another company, Grogan Engineering is also working with us producing these items,” said company director Any Coyle.

Ms Coyle said frontline workers should not have to buy the shields or, indeed, any personal protection equipment (PPE) and said the company accepts donations and sends the equipment on to hospitals and care homes which are in urgent need, by direct daily delivery or courier services.

Her company is not profiting from the endeavour.

“We're offering the public the opportunity to purchase a set number of shields at cost price and we fulfil the spirit of the donation.”

She added: “Staff love what we are creating, we have even had some hospitals interested in securing a steady supply.”

The shields provide sense of security as they cover the whole face from potential exposure to the virus. They are comfortable, light and most importantly provide protection.

“In the last 4 days we have received about €11,000 in donations and have been able to deliver up to 3,000 shields. We can produce between 5,000 and 10,00 units a week, if needed.”

“And to keep this project moving along alive we are looking for more donations to meet the cost of materials used in the production.” To donate visit the aforementioned website.