LONG READ: 5 tips from an Interior Designer to get your home in ship-shape!

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LONG READ:  5 tips from an Interior Designer to get your home in ship-shape!
8:22 Sunday 14th of January 2018

New Year New Home

As we start a New Year, we are always quick to reflect on ourselves and set new goals both professional and personal e.g. losing weight, being more active, earning more money etc.  However, sometimes we forget to look at our homes to see what goals we can set to create a better home environment for ourselves and our family’s. A few small updates to our homes can make us feel happier and more content. Here are 5 simple low cost New Year Resolutions that will help get your home ship-shape and help you feel happier in the process.

Tip 1 Declutter

Declutter your home one room at a time. Set yourself an incentive and allow yourself a treat on completion of each room. Allow plenty of time and tackle one area at a time to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed. Rooms to concentrate on are your living room, kitchen and bedroom. Remember decluttering your room will also help declutter your mind.

Convert a cupboard

Consider ways to avoid collection of clutter in the future e.g. Set up a central area for the daily running of the home e.g. bills, house insurance etc. A small office desk is ideal or set aside a space in a hall cupboard. Include an area for incoming and outgoing mail etc and ensure you have a recycle bin to deal with any unwanted mail as it arrives.

Tip 2 Donate

Tackle areas where clutter tends to build. Go through your wardrobe and dispose of any unwanted items e.g. coats, shoes, clothing etc. I would recommend that you create three bundles 1) donating, 2) selling and 3) recycling. Take this opportunity to donate unwanted Christmas gifts. Consider local charities who are in desperate need of new stock after a busy Christmas period. Items well worth donating are clothing, toys, books, baby items etc. You will also find some larger charity shops that specialise in furniture for those bigger items.


Tip 3 Sell

Decluttering your home is no easy task, so it might be nice for you to earn a little money in the process. We all have clothes in the wardrobe that still have tags on them, are too small or are simply no longer to our taste. There are many online websites for selling clothing. Here are a few :- www.dressupmarket.com,  www.depop.com and www.siopaella.com  Clearing your wardrobe will save you time, reduce stress and enable you to manage your wardrobe more efficiently.

Tip 4 Recycle

For larger items of furniture, I would recommend that you consider recycling these items. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Sites for selling unwanted furniture are www.dondeal.ie, www.adverts.ie, www.buyandsell.ie. If you find it difficult to sell a piece of furniture you can could consider offering your item free of charge provided the buyer collects which avoids you paying any disposal fees. Plus, you are happy in the knowledge that your piece of furniture will be recycled and re-loved.  Alternatively, you could contact your local recycling centre Silliot Hill Recycling Centre, Kilcullen on 045 482229.

Tip 5 Upcycle

With plenty of self-help tutorials available online there is no excuse not to upcycle your unwanted furniture.

Consider painting those bedside cabinets, reupholstering your chair or simply painting a picture frame. Keep an eye out for future columns on DIY ideas for your home.

Happy New Year! 

Lastly, I wish you all a very healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

Remember if there is a topic that you would like covered in 2018 then please drop me a line.  

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