VIDEO: Naas Judge imposes driving ban on Conor McGregor this afternoon warning him that speed kills

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VIDEO: Naas Judge imposes driving ban on Conor McGregor this afternoon  warning him that speed kills
14:59 Wednesday 28th of November 2018

Conor McGregor has been banned from driving for six months at Naas District Court this afternoon.

Charges of not having a driving licence and not producing a driving licence were withdrawn.

Sgt Michéal Keevans outlined at Naas District Court how the 30-year-old former UFC champion, Conor McGregor, who gave his parent's address in Lucan, because according to Garda evidence he could not remember his address in Co Kildare,  was driving at a speed of 154 km per hour in a 100km zone, Kill, on October 11, 2017,at 10.57pm.

Sgt Keevans  told the court how McGregor  was driving a blue Range Rover.

Represented by Defence Solicitor, Graham Kenny, he pleaded guilty to speeding.

Sgt Keevans evidence outlined how the accused had 12 previous road traffic offences, some dating back to when he was teenager.

Sgt Keevans  said: "He was polite on the night. He was issued with a fixed penalty notice and did not pay it."

The court heard how the fixed penalty notice was €80 and that after 28 days the fine rises to €120. He is then given another 28 days to pay and it rises to €200. The court heard how he could have paid five days before the court appearance, in order to avoid appearing in court.

Evidence was given how his previous convictions included a speeding fine at Dublin District Court on November 3, 2017,  for driving at a speed of 158 km per hour in 100 km per hour.

Other previous included holding a mobile phone while driving in 2012, he was disqualified six months and fined €400.

In 2011, he was also charged with holding a mobile phone while driving and was fined €250.

In 2010, he was fined €500 for entering a bus lane.

In May 17, 2010, he was fined €250 for being a unaccompanied driver on a provisional licence.

On 12 May, 2010, he was also fined for being a provisional driver unaccompanied.

Essentially, he had 12 previous convictions all relating to traffic offences, dating back to 2009.

Sgt Keevans outlined how it was a dry night and that traffic was low to moderate.

Sgt Keevans said: "I stopped him and spoke to him for about five minutes. He said, 'I am sorry.'"

Judge Desmond Zaidan asked Defence if the accused wished to apologise.

Judge Zaidan said: "He is the best person to apologise, rather than you."

Conor McGregor took to the stand.

Defence said: "During that time, you expressed that you had financial difficulties at that time. You understand the seriousness of the offence."

Mc Gregor said: "I apologise. I did not know I was going that fast."

Addressing McGregor, Judge Zaidan said: "Why did you not pay the fixed penalty fine.?"

He said: "I passed it on to get paid."

Defence said: "He fully intended it to be paid."

Judge Zaidan said: "I was somewhat taken aback by the number of previous convictions, but some go back to when he was a teenager."

Judge Zaidan said that he is fortunate that he did not get charged with dangerous driving or careless driving.

Judge Zaidan said that he would bear in mind that he was courteous and that he appears to be remorseful.

He said that it is not a great example to set to teenagers.

Judge Zaidan said: "Speed kills."

He banned McGregor from driving for six months and fined him €1,000. The maximum fine is €2,000.


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