Naas resident Rebecca Storm speaks out about Harvey Weinstein scandal

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Naas resident Rebecca Storm speaks out about Harvey Weinstein scandal
11:40 Friday 13th of October 2017

Singer and Naas resident Rebecca Storm has spoken out about the Harvey Weinstein controversy which has rocked Hollywood.

Multi-millionaire film-maker Weinstein was sacked by his own company at the weekend after it emerged he reached settlements with eight women who made sexual harassment claims against him.

Since then a string of actresses have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment: Kate Beckinsale, Cara Delevingne, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Léa Seydoux.

Storm, who is a star of top musicals and a regular performer at the Moat in Naas, said that when she was establishing herself in the music industry in London, she claimed there were many men like Weinstein.

She said: "When I was young, I thought the world was full of Harvey Weinsteins. It felt like it was at the time. It’s quite a bit different for me now but he’s not on his own, put it that way."

Too scared 

She told RTE's Liveline: "I’m delighted that these fantastic actresses have spoken up. It’s becoming a different world thank goodness. I think women are in much more positions of power than they ever were thirty-five years ago when I was kicking off my career and it’s great to see people are speaking out because I wouldn’t back then. I was too scared."

Rebecca said she had a good reason to be scared in the cut-throat entertainment business.

"The thing is when you do say no, or you go, ‘you must be joking,’ you’d be amazed how many doors are closed in your face."

She described times in her life when she felt the shadow of harassment hang over her.

Move to London 

"I was a Yorkshire girl and I started my career in the colleges and then in the social clubs… There would be no locks on the dressing room door and they would barge in so I learned very quickly how to get dressed and undressed without taking off any clothes. I thought that was as far as the demons of life were going to go, but my goodness me I got a big shock when I moved down to London and you’re dealing with the big fish!

Times are changing 

"You never quite know who to trust, it’s awfully sad when you’re young like that. Now I do think things are changing… I think women are getting more powerful and I think with social media and with things being more out in the open I don’t think it’s worth it to very successful, powerful men, in particular, to try and take advantage anymore. I think Harvey Weinstein is obviously ill."

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