Fault causes power outage for residents in Athgarvan and Kilcullen today

ESB Networks working to restore power

Kim O'Leary


Kim O'Leary



Power outage

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Hundreds of homes and businesses in Athgarvan and Kilcullen are without power this morning as a fault has been detected in both areas.

ESB Networks has said that 135 homes in the village of Athgarvan are experiencing disruptions to their electricity. It is estimated that power will be restored by 2.30pm this afternoon.

Meanwhile 1,401 homes and businesses in Kilcullen are affected by a fault.

ESB Networks said: "We apologise for the loss of supply. We are currently working to repair a fault affecting your premises and will restore power as quickly as possible."

It is estimated that power will be restored to Kilcullen at 3.15pm later this afternoon.