Make sure your pets are ready for long car journeys this summer

KildareNow reporter


KildareNow reporter


Make sure your pets are ready for long car journeys this summer

A dog with an anti-splash water bowl

Maxi Zoo is encouraging pet owners in Kildare to think ahead and to prepare for the needs of their pet whether they are planning to take their pet with them on holidays or to leave it at home with a pet-sitter.

“Your dog is part of the family and it is important to make sure your journey together is as relaxed and comfortable as possible,” said Emma Fanning, Training and Livestock Manager/Brand Ambassador at Maxi Zoo Ireland.

“The first item that you’ll need to pack if you are travelling abroad with your pet is its EU pet passport. Your pet must also be chipped and vaccinated for your trip abroad. Entering it on a pet register like increases the chances of it being found should it go missing on holidays,” she added.

 “You’ll also need an address label for your dog’s collar. Use this to note down your home and holiday addresses and telephone numbers where you can be reached at all times,” Emma continued.

A precautionary trip to the vet is recommended before taking your pet on holidays. Maxi Zoo also advises packing a small first aid bag for your dog, including eye ointment, anti-diarrhoea medicine, tweezers, bandaging, wound ointment, a tick tweezers and something to treat nausea and vomiting.

Those travelling by car should factor in that everything takes somewhat longer during summer time. They should plan to take breaks every two hours so their dog can stretch its legs. Dogs should be given water during these breaks but should not be offered food because travelling with a full stomach can cause nausea and vomiting.

“Dogs should never be left unsupervised in your car under any circumstances. In summer, the interior of the car heats up extremely quickly, meaning it only takes a quarter of an hour before your car poses a fatal danger to your dog,” cautioned Emma.

Bowls and water bottles can also help to refresh your dog with drinking water on long car journeys. 

Pet parents who are leaving their pets with a pet sitter or boarding kennels should ensure that they can trust their sitter and that their pet is in good hands when they are away on holidays.

“Not every animal reacts in the same way to changes, which is why pets are best left in their home with familiar surroundings to avoid unnecessary stress. Helpers in this case can be friends, acquaintances or nice neighbours who know your pet and have as much experience with it as possible,” said Emma.