Dry, sunny spells on the way for Co Kildare today with temperatures as high as 18C

Forecasters say high pressure to bring 'dry, settled conditions' for the country this week

Kim O'Leary


Kim O'Leary



WEATHER: Sunny spells on the way for Offaly on Sunday

Sunny today

Early mist and shallow fog soon clearing to give a dry, bright day for Co Kildare.

Some good sunny spells, especially this morning, but occasional cloudy periods also. Top temperatures 16 to 18 C. Light variable or easterly winds will be locally moderate in any sea breezes.

Quite cool tonight, with long clear spells and slack variable breezes. Some autumnal mists will form, with some fog in places too. Lowest temperatures 4 to 7 C.

Wednesday will be a dry, bright and fairly sunny day. Top temperatures 16 to 19 C., generally, but up to 20 C., inland in sunshine. Winds light and variable, but with moderate sea breezes locally.

According to forecasters from Met Eireann, high pressure will be centred near or over Ireland for a few days, bringing 'mostly 
dry, settled conditions, with sunny spells each day and warm in that sunshine.'

But forecasters are warning that the weather will turn changeable and unsettled during the weekend.