Kildare's favourite takeaway revealed

Analysis of Just Eat orders in the county

Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


REVEALED: This is the most popular takeaway in County Kildare

Picture: Pixabay

The most popular takeaway in Kildare is chinese.

That's according to Just Eat who reviewed the number of orders placed for each type of takeaway and the data revealed the favourites of each region.

The top 5 cuisines ordered in Kildare are:

1. Chinese

2. Pizza

3. Fish & Chips

4. Indian

5. Burgers

Chinese is the capital's favourite takeaway meal, whilst in Limerick and Cork pizza is preferred.

Those in Carlow are also partial to a chinese like those in Dublin, though if you head up to Leitrim you’ll find they’re more likely to be ordering from their local curry house. 

It’s actually pizza orders that take the top spot with 16 regions across the country ordering their carb cravings from pizza takeaway restaurants.

Chinese follows in second spot whilst only eight cities order the takeaway the most - if you’re not buying pizza then it’s likely that Chinese is to be your choice.

Carlow - Chinese

Tipperary - pizza

Sligo - turkish

Louth – pizza

Monaghan - kebab

Donegal - chinese

Kerry - pizza

Leitrim - indian