Kildare town woman to launch new poetry book

New book from Kildare town native Vivienne Mc Wey

Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell


Kildare town woman to launch new poetry book

Vivienne McWey

Kildare town native Vivienne Mc Wey will launch her first book of poetry called 'Keep Quiet I'm Talking Now' on March 11 to a sold out crowd in the Square Coffee Shop in Kildare Town.

According to Vivienne the poetry was inspired after she went through some dark times in her personal life.

“This book is a book of poetry but tells a story, hence it has three chapters,” she said.

“I found writing helped me through some dark times of my marriage breaking down and has proved to me that anything creative can help.”

Born and raised in Kildare Town by her parents Terry and Michael Mc Wey, this is Vivienne's first book.

“My dad did a bit of writing so maybe this is where it all came from. I always found that something big would trigger poems in me.”

She began writing poetry in ernest three years ago after her marriage broke down.

“My marriage broke down three years ago and through some very dark times rather than using social media as a platform to vent and look for empty likes, I started to write poetry, a story with hidden meanings and healing,” she explained.

“It helped me to become a stronger person and hopefully it will help others through the tough times.

“Mental health is everywhere and if writing or something creative can help that's great. This book is self-published and I am very proud of the final finish.”