Kilkenny hurler launches 'hurl & toilet roll' challenge!

What will you score?

Sian Moloughney


Sian Moloughney


Kilkenny hurler launches 'hurl & toilet roll' challenge!

KIlkenny All Star hurler TJ Reid has a challenge for us!

As cabin fever starts to set in for children and teenagers off school, and adults working from home because of coronavirus restrictions, one Kilkenny All Star hurler has come to our aid!

Bored? The take up the 'hurl & toilet roll' challenge!

TJ Reid has come up with the idea and started the ball (toilet roll?) rolling! It's a challenge for you and one to pass on (over the internet) to your friends. 

How does it work? In the words of the hero hurler himself: "See how many times you can roll lift toilet paper in 30 seconds."Let's get the competition going.

TJ got 22!  

The next step: "Compete with your friends, siblings or parents then nominate two others." TJ has nominated fellow hurlers Joey Holden and Padraig Walsh.

Over to you. What will you score and who will you challenge?

Remember to post your video and results to Twitter and  tag TJ!