Videolink introduced for defendants at Naas courthouse due to Covid-19 restrictions

Link used because of coronavirus restrictions

KildareNow reporter


KildareNow reporter


First defendant appears via videolink at Naas Courthouse

Naas courthouse

A man arrested in Naas for a public order offence made history at Naas District Court on March 19, when he became the first accused to appear on a video link with the District Court room.

Robert Coleman, Kerdiffstown House, Johnstown, was in an upstairs room in the court house when he took part in the hearing in the main courtroom, via videolink.

Judge Desmond Zaidan noted that history had been made on the videolink but it had taken too long to be introduced in Naas Courthouse. “It has taken the coronavirus,” he said.

Garda Shane Regan, speaking from the same room as Mr Coleman, via videolink, said Mr Coleman had been arrested for a public order offence at Naas Hospital the previous day, March 18, and made “no reply” after caution.

Mr Coleman’s solicitor, Tim Kennelly, was present in the courtroom.

He was able to speak to his client in public via the video link. Garda Sergeant Brian Jacob said Mr Coleman had been arrested nine times in the previous seven days. Mr Coleman was granted bail with strict conditions, including staying out of Naas and Kildare.