For one sport it's a case of... handle only your own balls!

Changes ahead as easing of Covid-19 restrictions will see resumption of some sporting action

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

For one sport it's a case of...only handle your own balls!

It will be a case of handling only your own balls as far as one sport is concerned as the Covid-19 restrictions are set to be eased from Monday.

A number of sports are set to resume - most notably golf and tennis - but there could be a few changes ahead that people will have to get used to.

Numbers and social distancing will be key.

Indeed, there will be strict conditions in place, not least the fact that for tennis players you must handle only your own balls.

As Gerry Clarke, a tennis coach at Letterkenny Tennis Club in Donegal, explained: “You must bring your own balls, and serve with the ball you brought. 

“The only ball you can pick up is your own ball. If another player’s ball lands on your side of the court or is at the net, you can only lift it by using your racket.”

Quite simply, the only balls that you can pick up or handle are the ones that you have brought. You cannot touch balls belonging to anyone else.

You have been warned. Other clubs will follow similar arrangements around the country.