The Fashion Fix: The best cat eye sunglasses for every face shape

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Katie Wright


Katie Wright

The Fashion Fix: The best cat eye sunglasses for every face shape

Oliver Bonas oversized cat eye peach sunglasses, €29

When you think of all the classic sunglasses shapes, from little round frames to giant square shades, perhaps the most divisive of all is the ‘cat eye’.

It’s easy to dismiss winged sunnies and claim ‘they don’t suit me’, but in actual fact, they can be hugely flattering for a variety of face shapes – you just need to find the right pair.

And that’ll be easy to do this summer, because the eyewear collections are full of catty creations, ready to provide the finishing touch to your floral frocks and jungle print playsuits.

So, how do you find the right cat eye sunnies for your face shape?

If you have an oval shaped face, lucky you, pretty much any frames suit you, so it’s up to you whether you prefer a skinny or supersized style.

If your face is heart-shaped (wider at the top, narrowing to the chin) or triangular (a wider jaw and narrower forehead), the exaggerated brow line of cat eye sunglasses is particularly flattering, but you’ll want to choose larger frames to balance your features.

For round faces, you want to complement your shape, so choose angular frames.

Similarly, square faces would benefit from a more rounded cat eye look.

Ready to find your perfect pair?

Here are five of our favourite feline frames…

1. Topshop Mag Tortoiseshell Feline Sunglasses, €15 (were €20)

2. Chimi Aqua #006 Black, €99

3. Marks and Spencer Collection Angular Cat Eye Sunglasses, €17

4. And Other Stories Angular Cat Eye Sunglasses, €25

5. Oliver Bonas Oversized Cat Eye Peach Sunglasses, €29