Christine Murray unopposed as Kildare GAA Hon Sec

Outgoing secretary and PRO retain seats at top table

Thomas Callaghan


Thomas Callaghan


Christine Murray unopposed as Kildare GAA Hon Sec

Christine Murray, incoming Hon Secretary Kildare GAA

Following the release of nominations for Kildare GAA Annual Convention earlier this week, all officers were unopposed, bar the position of Hon. Secretary.

Outgoing Hon Secretary, Dave Cahill, had served his full five year term and was not eligible for re-election; Christine Murray was in in the same position as PRO.

Dave was nominated, unopposed, as PRO while Christine was nominated to the position of Hon Secretary.

Also nominated for that position were Patria Dobbins and Martina Donnelly.

Now comes news that both Patria and Martina have withdrawn their names leaving Christine Murray unopposed as incoming Hon Secretary.

So, no election at all at this year's convention, due to be held on Zoom, on Tuesday December 15, at 7.30

Revised nominations now reads as follows:

Cathaoirleach (Chairman): Mick Gorman (Outgoing).

Leas-Cathaoirleach (Vice Chairman): Colm Farrell (Outgoing).

Rúnaí (Secretary): Christine Murray;

Cisteoir (Treasurer): Alan Dunney (Outgoing).

Oifigeach Caidreamh Poibli (PRO): Dave Cahill.

Oifigeach na gCluichi (Coaching Officer): Shane Power (Outgoing).

Oifigeach na Gaeilge (Irish Officer): Séamus Ó Mídheach (Outgoing).

Comhairle Laighean (Leinster Council Delegates X 2): Larry Curtin (Outgoing), Mick Mullen (Outgoing).

Ard Chomhairle (Central Council Delegate): Ger Donnelly (Outgoing).

Congress Delegates x 3: Colm Farrell, Alan Dunney, Dave Cahill, Petria Dobbins, Mick Mullen, Séamus Ó Mídheach.