Council ‘should ensure’ historic Naas castle site is protected, meeting told

History: St David’s Castle is the ‘ancient town’ - Cllr Seamie Moore

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Council ‘should ensure’ historic Naas castle site is protected, meeting told

St David's Castle, Naas

Kildare County Council has been asked to ensure that the historic St David’s Castle be protected.

Cllr Anne Breen claimed that work has taken place at the site and some of this was to safeguard the area.

However, Cllr Breen expressed concern about the need to ‘ensure that the site is given protection in keeping with statutory regulations for protected structures’.

Town manager Eoghan Ryan said no authority was given for work to be done. He said that the owner indicated that there was a need to make the site safe. He added that what work was done was reasonable. He added that the council sent a conservation architect to the location and after that ‘we asked them to cease’. He said that the owners want to do a topographical survey and a bat survey.

He said no trees were or buildings were knocked and a lot of the work centred around the necessary removal of vegetation and ivy. “In fairness, the owner did tidy up the site,” he told a recent Naas Municipal District meeting.

Cllr Seamie Moore claimed that no work should have been done without reference to KCC.

He added that the council is which is responsible for preserving buildings like this.

“This is the ancient town of Naas,” he said, adding that no great harm had been done.

In a report, KCC official Mary McCarthy said the council has been engaging with the new owner with a view to securing the site in the first instance and to protecting the castle from further deterioration.

Beyond works that were considered to be emergency works, all other activities were halted.