'People are stealing our posters in Kildare' - 'Vote No' group

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'People are stealing our posters in Kildare' - 'Vote No' group
17:37 Monday 23rd of April 2018
Above: A LoveBoth poster.

A group advocating a 'No' vote in next month's Abortion Referendum claim people are tearing down or stealing its posters in Co Kildare.

The Referendum on Friday, May 25 will ask the electorate if they want to repeal or retain the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution, which recognises the equal right to life of the mother and the unborn.

The government has already signaled that, if Amendment is repealed, legislation would be introduced to allow for abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Meanwhile the LoveBoth group has expressed concern at the removal of 'Vote No' posters in Co Kildare.

The campaigners have called on the public to report people spotted taking these posters to the relevant authorities or to LoveBoth.

A spokesperson for LoveBoth said: “We have noticed that in recent days a large number of Vote No posters have been removed in Kildare.

"Not alone is the taking of Vote No posters theft, but the intolerant attitude it represents, will, if left unchecked, become a threat to our democracy.”

She continued, “The essence of democratic debate is that both sides get to put their message forward using the various legal publicity mediums available. Posters are one such medium.”

“The systematic removal of Vote No posters put up recently by Love Both and the Save the 8th campaign is a blatant denial of freedom of speech and a sign of a worrying growth in intolerant attitudes towards those expressing pro-life views.”

“We call on members of the public who come across people tearing down or stealing posters to report this illegal activity to the relevant authorities.

"Anyone who comes across Vote No posters which have been torn down can report their location to the issuer of the poster or to LoveBoth at: [email protected]"

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