Finally a bit of clarity, and reality, in the world of GAA

President says it plain and simple

Tommy Callaghan


Tommy Callaghan


Finally a bit of clarity, and reality, in the world of GAA

And still the debate goes on.

When, if, maybe, possibly, probably.

The resumption of GAA activity, whether it be club or county.

The interviews still keep coming, and it is hard to see why.

Last week John Horan, President of the GAA told it as it was; straight to the point.

Will there be any games this year?

Will their be games behind closed doors Des Cahill asked him on The Sunday Game, and he answered, no equivication, no maybes, straight down the middle.

"There will be games played when social distancing is no longer required; not before, only when and if, social distancing is needed no more."

And what about behind closed doors?

"If it's safe to play games, it has to be safe to have fans looking at games; a not packed stadia but if it's safe to play it has to be safe to watch" added the tUachtán.
And what about our colleagues up north; if there are different rules in the Six Counties than us, what will be the story asked Des.
"We are all in this together, came the reply; we will play games when social distancing is required no more, north and south; we are all in the same boat; we are a 32 county organisation; there will be no separating. All 32 counties or none."
Clarity at last.
Argument over.
Thanks John!