The Big Interview with Seamus Aldridge

Plus: your chance to pick the Kildare GAA Dream Team

Tommy Callaghan


Tommy Callaghan


In depth interview with Seamus Aldridge

Seamus Aldridge

From being in the firing line over that controversial Mikey Sheehy goal, a goal that led to a bullet being delivered in the post; a goal that to this day, 42 years on, still causes arguments, discussions and anger; to the Larry Tompkins saga; the Shea Fahey transfer; a man that ruled Kildare GAA with an iron fist for all of 25 years before becoming one of the top GAA officials of his time, Seamus Aldridge opens up in an extensive interview with Tommy Callaghan, in this week's Leinster Leader.

Also an opportunity to pick the Kildare GAA Dream Team of the last 25 years.

All in this week's Leinster Leader, in the the shops Tuesday morning.