Watch: Amazing footage of Perseid Meteor Shower captured in Kildare last night

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Watch: Amazing footage of Perseid Meteor Shower captured in Kildare last night
8:55 Sunday 13th of August 2017

Those who stayed awake until the early hours of Sunday morning and looked up to the skies were treated by some truly incredible scenes as the Perseid Meteor Shower lit up the Kildare night sky, and skies throughout Ireland and Great Britain.

The below footage was captured by photographer David Gerulis from his backyard in Celbridge, and though he comments under the video that light pollution hindered the beauty of the meteor shower slightly, he still managed to capture around 20 meteors and a satellite blazing past his camera lens.

In case you missed the meteor shower last night, you still have another chance to catch it as there is a good chance that it will be visible once again tonight. The forecast suggests that it could be quite cloudy however, so visibility may be hampered.

The Perseid Meteor Shower occurs every August and are the brightest meteors that can usually be seen from earth.

The meteors are normally no bigger than a grain of sand, and they burn up as they hit the atmosphere at 58km per second to produce a shooting stream of light in the sky.

When looked upon from the Earth, the Perseids appear to originate from one place in the northeast known as the "radiant" which happens to be near the constellation Perseus.

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