WATCH: Newbridge composer Padraig Meredith's new work about life in lockdown inspired by Seamus Heaney

'If We Winter This One Out'

KildareNow reporter


KildareNow reporter


Newbridge man Padraig Meredith has released a new composition inspired by the Seamus Heaney quote which has become a mantra of the Covid-19 lockdown - 'If we winter this one out, we can summer anywhere".

Composer Padraig is a secondary school music teacher and wellbeing coordinator at the Holy Family Community School in Dublin. Conversations with his students about their coronavirus fears inspired some of his latest work.

"The title refers to the first half of the Seamus Heaney quote which everyone is talking about at present - this is the first half of a two-part series which I will record during the Covid-19 pandemic," he said.

"The piece is about the "winter" of Covid-19 - the isolation, the social distancing, the lack of trust in others, the loss of a sense of community, the loneliness, the deaths and funerals without communities, and most of all it's about the lack of our ability to be able to touch and hug each other, even those we love dearest, out of fear that we might infect those we love.

"The next piece in the series "we can summer anywhere" will be the complete opposite of the desolation and starkness of this one."

The video for If We Winter This One Out features several stark and striking images of the pandemic across the country, including in County Kildare.

Padraig's previous work includes the score for The Cloak, the  Irish dance and musical theatre work based on the life of St Brigid. He has also created extensive liturgical music.