Storage Solutions for your Christmas decorations

With Louise of Aspire Design

Rose B O'Donoghue


Rose B O'Donoghue


Storage Solutions for your Christmas decorations

Plastic Christmas ornament storage box

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year, and that you enjoyed all the festive celebrations. You may already have the decorations down and ready to go back up in the attic, or you may be just now thinking about where and how to store all your seasonal decorations for another year.

Every year we tell ourselves we won’t purchase anymore decorations, but it can be very hard to resist and there is often a lot more decorations to put away than we initially anticipated. Here are some helpful Tips on how to best to pack and store your decorations. Hopefully these should help make decorating next year a little easier too.

Recycle your Tree   Dispose of any sets of lights that are no longer working. Christmas tree recycling is available through Kildare County Council at many locations throughout Kildare. Christmas trees can be left for recycling at the following locations from Saturday, 4 January to Saturday, 18 January 2020:

Ardclough community Centre
Athy, Meeting Lane
Clane, GAA Club
Maynooth, Council Depot, Leinster Street
Naas, Fairgreen
Newbridge, Council Nursery, Naas Road
Monasterevin Soccer Club, Barrett Park, Canal Road (open to the public on Saturday, 4 and Saturday, 11 January only).

Also offer a post-Christmas tree collection and recycling service for €10 where they will collect your Christmas tree after Christmas saving you the hassle of transporting it and cleaning up the pine needles from your car.

When taking down decorations you may decide that some no longer suit your scheme, so you might want to dispose of any that you no longer want. Consider donating any unbroken decorations to charity shops.

Storing Baubles    Depending on the size of tree and the number of trees you could either store your baubles in storage boxes with dividers or you could opt for a larger storage solution such as a large laundry basket to allow you to keep garlands and baubles for the one room in the same storage basket.

For glass baubles or valued tree decorations consider using bubble wrap or tissue to individually wrap and protect them. Avoid newspaper as the ink can stain your decorations. For smaller ornaments you can consider using clean dry egg cartons. Remember to label your boxes and store in a cool dry place.

Storing Lights  If you dislike having to untangle lights each Christmas, then this easy tip is the one for you. The easiest way is to wrap you lights around something as you take them down e.g. a circular tube like a pringle can or some cardboard etc. You can then store them in a box or plastic bag to protect them from dust to ensure they work perfectly for next year.

Storing your Christmas Tree For artificial Christmas trees I would suggest that you use a tree storage bag. Ensure you fold in all branches as per the design of your tree to avoid any warping of your trees shape. If you want to make things easy for next year and have sufficient room for storing your tree in one piece, then you could opt to keep your lights on your tree and wrap your tree carefully with cling film.

For Wreaths and Garlands Wreaths can be an expensive investment so make sure you either store them in the box they came in or opt for a wreath storage bag ensuring the bag is larger than the wreath to avoid any damage. You could also use a garment bag with a coat hanger to hang your wreaths or garland. Ensure you label the bag with its location e.g. hall door, over mantle etc.

Storing Gift Wrap For storing rolls of gift wrap you could consider a clear clothes cover or a clear box as this will allow you to easily see what gift wrap you have. If using a clear storage box, you could also add some compartments for sellotape, ribbon, etc so you have everything you need in the one area.

If you would like some help with your Christmas decorating next year consider taking some photographs of your trees, table tops and mantle before you take down your decorations and then share these picture with your family next year, so they can use them as a guideline to help you.

I look forward to sharing many more interior columns with you. See the Kildare Post weekly column and remember, if there is a topic that you would like covered in 2020 then please drop me a line. Thanks, Louise winner of TV3’s Showhouse Showdown, 086 399 9926