Opal Fruits are back on shop shelves!

Forget Starburst, the originals are back in shops

KildareNow reporter


KildareNow reporter



They're back! Opal Fruits are back on our shelves

The new share bag of Opal Fruits

One of Ireland's favourite chewy sweets is back in shops in its original format.

Readers of a certain vintage remember when Opal Fruits rebranded as 'Starburst' back in 1998, to match the fruity sweet's American branding - but to some they've never changed the name.

Now the chews are back in share bags featuring all the original flavours - orange, lime, lemon and strawberry. Costing €1.50, Opal Fruits are now available at Dealz for two weeks before they are stocked at any other retailer.

The sweets are limited edition - which means they might not be around forever - but, says Dealz: "For old times sake Opal Fruits are back and we are hoping they are here to stay."

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