Kildare's Leinster Leader GAA Fun Quiz

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Lorcán O'Rourke


Lorcán O'Rourke


Kildare's Leinster Leader GAA Fun Quiz

Question 8 in the Name The Captains section

1: In which year did Frank Dineen buy the Jones’s Road grounds for the GAA – 1906, 1908 or 1913?

2: In what year was the old Hogan Stand opened – 1957, 1959 or 1961?

3: The new Cusack Stand was opened in 1995 – True or False?

4: After which GAA leader is the Davin Stand named?

5: In which year was the Croke Park redevelopment officially opened – 2000, 2002 or 2005?

6: What is the official name of Hill 16?

7: What is the capacity of Croke Park?

8: Name the GAA Director General and his native county.

9: Of which club is GAA President, John Horan, a member?

10: What is the record attendance at an All-Ireland hurling final?

1: In what parish and county was Michael Cusack born?

2: Where and when was the first meeting of the GAA held?

3: Cusack taught in Clongowes Wood College. True or false?

4: Where did he begin his efforts ‘to bring back the hurling’?

5: Which two county grounds are named after Michael Cusack?

6: Name the title of the newspaper which he published in 1887.

7: Where did he set up his own private school in Dublin?

8: Name the character James Joyce based on Cusack in ‘Ulysses’.

9: In what year did Cusack die?

10: Where is Cusack buried?

1: I scored the first point in the 2018 All-Ireland U20 football final.

2: I refereed the 1978 All-Ireland senior football final.

3: I captained Kildare to three All-Ireland final victories in the 1960s.

4: I captained Kildare to win the Leinster senior football title in 1998.

5: I managed Moorefield to win the Leinster Club title in 2006.

6: My father and I are the only players to win football All Stars in two different provinces: who am I?

7: From Coill Dubh, I captained Clane to win the Dermot Bourke Cup in 1984.

8: I was centre half-back on two Leinster Railway Cup winning hurling teams in 1971 and 1972.

9: I was the last hurler to win senior All-Ireland medals with two different counties.

10: I captained London in the 1901 and 1903 All-Ireland football finals.

1: Ballycran
2: Liam Mellows
3: Faythe Harriers
4: Valley Rovers
5: Ballinacargy
6: Dunedin Connollys
7: Aughawillan
8: Templederry Kenyons
9: The Loup
10: Palatine
11: Dromid Pearses
12: An Tochar
13: Legan Sarsfields
14: Madrid Harps
15: St John’s
16: St Faithleach’s
17: Owenmore Gaels
17: Gaultier
19: John Lockes
20: St Gabriel’s
21: Cormac McAnallens
22: Park Ratheniska
23: Gaeil Chluanaidh
24: Earls of Leuven
25: Father Casey’s
26: Clondegad
27: St Fechins
28: Syddan
29: Belmont
30: Cambridge Parnells
31: Éire Óg Sevilla
32: Burt
33: Teemore
34: Ardnaree
35: Dorsey Emmetts
36: Cornafaen
37: St Kevin’s
38: Truagh
39: Wild Geese
40: Trillick


1: This county never lost an All-Ireland senior hurling final

2: This county never won a Leinster senior football final

3: These bordering counties contested an All-Ireland senior football final in the 1950s
4: Only two players led their county to All-Ireland U21 success in successive years: who are they?

5: In what year was the Sam Maguire Cup not presented to the winning captain after the All-Ireland final?

6: When did SamMaguire captain London in All-Ireland senior football finals?

7: In what two years was the All-Ireland hurling final played outside of Croke Park, and at what venues?

8: In what years did Waterford win the Liam MacCarthy Cup?

9: Where was Liam MacCarthy born?

10: Name the Kildare man who refereed the Bloody Sunday match on November 21, 1920.

1: Who said ‘People of Galway, we love you’ in a rousing All-Ireland speech?

2: Who captained Down to the 1968 All-Ireland title?

3: Name the last man to accept the original Sam Maguire Cup in 1987?

4: I am the last man to captain my county to two All-Ireland hurling titles.

5: In what year did Jack Lynch captain Cork to All-Ireland hurling victory?

6: Name the last man to captain his county to two All-Ireland hurling titles in a row.

7: I was captain of Curragh, Kildare 1948 senior football champions.

8: Who led Kildare to victory in the inaugural All-Ireland Under 20 Championship?

9: Who captained Kildare to two All-Ireland hurling titles in the 1960s?

10: I captained Raheens to win the Leinster Club football title in 1981.


1: Name the only set of twins to win All Star awards.

2: Three sets of three brothers have won hurling All Stars: what are their surnames and counties?

3: Two sets of three brothers have won football All Stars: what are their surnames and counties?

4: One set of brothers have won All Stars in hurling and football with two different counties. Name them and the counties.

5: Who holds the record for football All Stars?

6: Which Cork player won All Stars in both codes in 1971?

7: Who holds the record for hurling All Star awards?

8: Name the Offaly player who holds All Stars in hurling and football.

9: Name the second Kildare footballer to win an All Star.

10: Name the GAA broadcaster who received an All Star award in 2020 shortly after his 90th birthday?


Croke Park:
1: 1913; 2: 1959, on the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the GAA; (3) True; (4) Maurice Davin from Tipp-
erary was the first President of the Association; (5) 2005; (6) Dineen Hill 16 – named after Frank Dineen, the only man to have held the two top positions in the GAA, President and Secretary; (7) 82,300; (8) Tom Ryan from Carlow; (9) John Horan is a member of Na Fianna Club in Dublin; (10) 84,856 people saw Cork, (1-9) defeat Wexford (1-6) in the All-Ireland hurling final on 5 September 1954. Christy Ring was Cork captain and won his 8th - and last - Celtic cross in front of that record crowd.

Michael Cusack
(1) In the parish of Carron, County Clare; (2) At Hayes’s Hotel, Thurles on November 1, 1884; (3) True; (4) He began his efforts ‘to bring back hurling’ in the Phoenix Park; (5) Cusack Park in Ennis and Cusack Park in Mullingar; (6) The Celtic Times; (7) In Belvedere Place, Dublin; (8) The Citizen; (9) Cusack died on 8 November 1906; (10) Glasnevin Cemetery.

Who am I?
(1) Aaron Masterson, Kildare captain: (2) Seamus Aldridge; (3) Pat Dunney; (4) Glenn Ryan; (5) Sos Dowling; (6) Dermot Earley, Jnr; (7) Tommy Carew; (8) Pat Dunney; (9) Oliver Gough, with Wexford and Kilkenny – as a substitute on each occasion; (10) Sam Maguire.

Club and County
Down, Galway, Wexford, Cork, Westmeath, Scotland, Leitrim. Tipperary, Derry, Carlow, Kerry, Wicklow, Longford, Spain, Antrim, Roscommon, Sligo, , Waterford, Kilkenny, London, Australia, Laois, Antrim, Belgium, Limerick, Clare, Louth, Galway, Offaly, England, Spain, Donegal, Fermanagh, Mayo, Armagh, Cavan, Kildare, Monaghan, Dublin, Tyrone.

Top Ten
(1) Kerry (Ballyduff) played in and won their only All-Ireland senior hurling final, that of 1891; (2) Wicklow; (3) Cavan and Meath; (4) Tyrone’s Peter Canavan (1991, ’92) and Cormac McAnallen (2000, ’01); (5) 1947 – when the All-Ireland final was played in the Polo Grounds, New York; (6) 1901, 1903; (7) 1937 in Killarney when the Cusack Stand was under construction, and 1984 in Thurles in the GAA centenary year; (8) 1948 and 1959; (9) County Cork; (10) Mick Sammon from Clane who won an All-Ireland title with his county in 1919.

Name the Captains
(1) Joe Connolly when Galway won the hurling final for the first time since 1923; (2) Joe Lennon who was winning his third All-Ireland medal; (3) Mick Lyons of Meath; (4) Declan Hannon, Limerick, in 2018 and 2020; (5) Jack Lynch captained Cork in 1942 to win the second of his six All-Ireland medals in a row: five in hurling and a football title in 1945; (8) Conor Hayes, Galway, in 1997 and ‘98; (9) John Joe O’Reilly who led Cavan to victory in the 1947 football final in New York and again in 1948; (8) Aaron Masterson; (9) Pat Dunney; (10) Noel Byrne.

GAA All Stars
(1) The O’Connor twins from Cork, Ben (2005, 2008) and Jerry (2004, 2005, 2006); (2) Henderson, Kilkenny; Dooley, Offaly; Bonnar, Tipperary; (3) Spillanes and Ó Sés of Kerry; (4) Declan Carr, Tipperary, in hurling, and Tommy Carr with Dublin in football; (5) Pat Spillane holds 9 All Star awards; (6) Ray Cummins ; (7) Henry Shefflin – 11 All Stars; (8) Liam Currams, Offaly: 1981 in hurling and 1982 in football; (9) Martin Lynch from Clane in 1991; (10) Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh.